About Nicomac Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1992, Nicomac Systems, Inc. is an innovator in cardiology report generation. We maximize value in the delivery of healthcare services by specializing in the design, implementation and support of multi-user relational databases and the latest web technology. Our flagship product, CardioReportware™ and our other cardiography technology applications have been continuously refined since their release in 1998. We are dedicated to establishing these as the standard in the cardiography report generation business.

Our products have been developed with the users, procedures, and operations of your department or clinic in mind. We seamlessly incorporate historic data from older systems into CardioReportware and installation is quick and easy. We maintain a clean upgrade path allowing users to easily integrate newer versions with enhanced features and capabilities adding greater benefits to their healthcare services. Users do not have to "adapt" or "modify" their operations or procedures in order to use CardioReportware. Our development team customizes CardioReportware to meet the standard operating protocol of your department. In addition, our upgrades seamlessly integrate all previous customizations and are accomplished without any down time!

With our concern and dedication to providing the finest application of its kind in cardiology report generation, you can and should expect us to give you the best possible support and maintenance. And so we will. Our many years in developing and installing our products have allowed us to hone our skills such that installation, testing, implementation and production can be pain-free with immediate productivity benefits that will allow you to continue to provide the finest healthcare to your patients.

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